26 March 2009

Right Now Nokia Tag Game

Erm... I don't play tag games that much and this is the 1st time I'm playing it...
I'm lazy to tag people...

So if you're interested in this tagging game, just play it!

The basic premise is this – answers should all be “at the current moment.”

Let's do this!

1. Where is your cellphone
- on the table

2.Your hair
- medium-length & black

3. Your father

- office, mamak stall or bank... i don't know

4. Your favorite thing
- waiting replies

5. Your dream last night

- none

6.Your favorite drink

- milk

7. Your dream goal

- fame and fortune, baby!

8. The room you are in

- my mom's office room

9. Your fear

- failing

10. Where do you want to be in 6 years
- out of Malaysia la

11. Muffins
- banana-na-na-na-na-a-a-a~~~~

12. One of your wish list items

- Mini Cooper
(yeah, rightttt... in your dreams baby!)

Where you grew up
- N.S., Malaysia

14. The last thing you did

- fart & giggle

15. What are you wearing

- white blouse, skinny jeans
(not mine!) & sneakers

16. Your TV
- i'm at the office lah

17. Your pet

- 8 dogs. Seldom name them coz my sis always end up calling them 'doggie' this, 'doggie' that. 1 cat- Fei Zai

18. Your computer

- acer

19. Your life

- meh, quite nice~

20. Your mood


21. Missing someone

- No

22. Your car

- is gonna be a Kelisa!

23. Favorite mall

- I don't shop that much

24. Your summer
- Everyday is summer here, I wanna go to a nice beach. Go scuba diving, surfing....

25. Your favorite color
- Black, red & white

26. When was the last time you laughed

- Just now, on the way back from the driving center.

27. When was the last time you cried

- Last year, my grandma passed away in the hospital.

28. Last person who emailed you

- Machuchuki from KL XD

29. Your favorite food
- pastries, yum!

30. A place you would rather be right now
- My high school... I wanna meet my friends :(


  1. Hi friend.. Interesting post.. Nice blog work.. keep it up..
    will drop by your site often.. Do find time to visit my blog and post your comments..
    Have a great day.. Cheers!!!

  2. lol there are so many kinds to tags these days.. maybe next time there'll be tv show tag or smth..

  3. How about Japanese pastries? Such as cream puff and pudding?

  4. @sri
    will do, my friend! :)

    haha, there will be, i guess...

    i love any kind of pastries! :P


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