24 March 2009

A Note To Myself

Thursday is your big day!
Drive slowly, remember what uncle told you and most of all, DON'T PANIC.
Panic will only lead you to failure.

Cross your own fingers, pray that your driving inspector is a man, not a lady.

Don't be late!
You need to practice again when you've arrived there.

Dad doesn't want you to go to the college you desired.
But it's still your choice.
Listen to your heart once a while, aye?
(of course la, use a bit of brain-thinking too...)

But your choices are Dasein, TOA & PJCAD.
Nothing in this world is perfect, each have their own good and bad.
So make a wise choice for your future.

Remember, your dad wants you to be out of this country, so that you could see the world.
I bet so do others too. :P


Thank you for commenting, now I shall grant you 3 wishes. XD