1 April 2009

Lesson Learnt From Humiliation

Behold! My driving license card
thanks to the light reflection XD

and the Kelisa(currently unavailable yet)!

Guys told me that driving lessons are really sap sap sui!






WHO SAID!!!???

Well, maybe it's my problem la, coz I'm a slow learner.

Learning the Bahagian II(go up the slopes and stop at the yellow line without reversing, parking without kissing the poles, enter a box and U-turn your way out from the box) is really a difficult task. It took me almost 2 weeks to memorize the steps, master the skills and do it perfectly well.
*you can't fail at the slopes there, or else you can't proceed to the next task, which means you failed!

During the 2 weeks, sometimes I did well sometimes I failed to do so. And you know most of the uncles are quite old fellas and they can lose their temper anytime. And there were a few times, I was really sleepy or didn't have the mood to learn so I simply just do the driving.

After making a lot of huge mistakes on the road, uncle cannot tahan me liao. When I parked my car back at the driving institute, he lectured me right in front of everybody(sitting on the benches, waiting for their turns to take the driving test). He was yelling, scolding & shouting. The car windows were still opening so I bet the people can hear him.

The worst thing is I saw some of them pointing at me and giggling. At that moment, I felt really humiliated.
But hell no I'm going to cry or weep, coz that would make me look more like a fool.
*i don't cry that easily!

So the following days I had to wake up and smell the coffee.
And here I am, showing you my license card. ^^


Seriously, I hate my primary school days.
Especially going to the tuition class.

I was obese and hideous. Yeah me... fucking fat like a ball, arms & thighs larger than my dad's, 3 layers of flab, heavy as a hippo(>60kg) and a bad hairstyle(shorter than the boy's).
*sorry, no evidence for you guys to watch coz i burned those photos

Therefore, I was always picked and humiliated by the so-called fucking glamorous people from SJK(C) Pei Hua's M and K class(the class where motherfuckers have best results and worst attitudes). To join those classes, you have to be pretty-looking, special(teacher's children), bitchy, mean, smart and rich.

During those days I don't know how to defend myself, therefore I get bullied easily and they kept calling me names that I dislike.

I still remember this incident.... A, B & C were playing hide-and-seek and A was hiding behind a motorbike which was behind me, B and C needed to seek A.
B and C have no idea where A was, and I told them A's hideout. A got mad, and came out and slapped me. B and C joined the slapping too.

As said, everybody has their limit to endure something but not for long.
I had enough of them, and I cried to my mother that I wanna quit the tuition. I even told her about that incident. So the next day, she went to complain to the teacher.

Damn, can't believe mom still let me attend this shit after that incident. Before class starts, the teacher asked who slapped me. Of course la, those bitches won't admit it. So, the teacher said, "Crazy wan! You see, nobody slaps you la. Don't make up stories like that again, ok?"
What can I do? Point out those bitches who slapped me and then get bullied again by them after tuition? Haizzz....

From that day onwards, I swear to god that I must lose weight! I tried different methods, from digging my throat to starving myself.
Fucking stupid, right?
Well, thanks to my form 1 KH teacher. She taught me the food pyramid and how to eat well, excercise well.

So ta-dah!
Here's moi:
i know, i cannot smile properly.
looks more like evil-grinning kan?

I may not be thin or skinny like other girls right now but at least I'm not obese anymore. And goody, my BMI shows that I'm no longer overweight! ^^


  1. heyy..just hopping by ur blog ^^

    congrats on ur passing...i remember my journey wasn't easy either..d jpj guy was damn mean..but still i got 19/20 for on the road...ahaha im so full of myself =p

  2. @Chester Chin
    thanks! :)

    wtf la you! 19 marks!? o___O
    me 16 only, ngam ngam pass :P

  3. I live next to you le! Melaka :)

  4. I do know ur feeling.
    U sure are tough.

  5. Coool on yr driving license... once u r comfy on driving yr taman.. when times comes, let's take a ride at KL downtown during off work hours, kekeke...

  6. @Han
    yeah! FOOD! :d

    haha, thanks~ :)

    kakaka, cool. XD
    but need GPS in my car, i'm not familiar with roads.

  7. Congratz on acquiring ur driving license...soon u will start terrorizing the street ady...hehe..cool,den can drive up to KL to shopping and kaikai...haha

    every1 got it past,so juz try to forget it and move on...

  8. hey..congratulation ya!!! can enjoy driving everyday now la..haha..

  9. wtf?! how dare those girls slapped you like that! *enraged* should it ever happen again, you listen to tofu and bitch slap them back with a lot of girth you hear me?

    fighting back doesn't mean that you'd win, but at least you'd make it alot more difficult for them, and in time, they will leave you alone because they will respect you for it.

    so never ever let anyone physically abuse you ever again (that is if you can help it).

    aside from that, congratulations on getting your driving license! :D

  10. @De Devil
    but i prefer taking bus & train at kl. XD
    haha, trying to forget, but i'm thirst for revenge right now.

    thank you~ :)

    haha, chill~ those days are like that wan...
    i wish to slap them but u know la, low-self esteem & i'm such a coward...
    btw, thank you so much XD
    (love your artworks too! woot!)

  11. OMG. What is that? Why the card look so weird one? Hahaha

  12. don't act dumb, mr.tolanic XD
    you know what it is...


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