12 March 2009

Lady Luck

"If you're taking the SKS Bus, watch out for a bus driver who loves karaoke."
That's what my brother told me when we're discussing about buses.

Today, I finally get the chance to meet him.
Checking out his bus... decorated with lots of religious stuffs and Sultan's pics.

While he's waiting for the passengers to fill up the bus, he sings his lungs out with a microphone. While driving on the road, he sings quietly and taps the steering wheel rhythmically(the TV is on). He's a jolly fella I might say.

Plus, it's my 1st time for not falling asleep in the bus because the music video makes my eyes twitching non-stop. The MVs are malay classic rock from the 90s. So you can expect bad acting in it and how red & thick the lipstick is. This is what happened to me...

LOL, wtf.
(see? chubby cheeks after non-stop eating at CH)

Got my SPM results too.
Oh my gosh, I can't stop grinning, haha... XD
Well I'm not gonna tell you my results, but I can tell you that there's no fails at all, not even the we-don't-give-a-damn-Sejarah.

I thank those who congratulated me. Your support and kindness means a lot to me, I love you all. Dad said that I deserve an expensive decent cheesecake. Thanks but no thanks, I don't think I'm still 'qualify' to receive anything because I see others who studied so hard to accomplish but receive nothing from their parents. That makes me feel like I'm a spoiled brat, really.

But still Old Mighty Dad bought a strawberry mousse cake which is cheap but delicious. Awww~~~ He's too kind.

By the way, if you get As in your SPM but still not satisfied and crying like a baby. Fuck you!


  1. well...congrats on ur result,hehe

    ur pic look kinda scary...0.o!!!

  2. LOL, in the bus also can karaoke ka? Then, no one is complaining?

  3. yes fuck those who are still unsatisfied with straight A1s and a B3.

  4. @Da Devil
    thanks, no la my pic is cute la, haha XD

    there's a big TV screen in every bus


  5. hey mui!how was it la?ok ka?satisfied?

  6. @Voxy
    it's GOODDDDD~~~
    i'm really satisfied.
    thanks for the hugs <3


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