23 March 2009

Fables 2

Little Red Riding Hood is walking through the forest. She needs to deliver something to her grandma who is an alcoholic(is she?).

Suddenly, a big bad gray wolf appears in front of Little Red Riding Hood.

Little Red Riding Hood shows a huge smile on her face and points out a Desert Eagle.

Yeah, the big bad wolf gets pwned. :)

And he dies.
Little Red Riding Hood left some daisies for him too. How sweet of her!


  1. 1 mean bad-ass lil red riding hood...lolz
    is tat u?wakakaka

  2. yeah, she's a bad-ass...
    what me la! XD

  3. Cool. Definitely not kids' material, though.

  4. iF you are so cute ah, i hug u kaw kaw one xD

  5. u r so cute.. and siao :)

  6. Wow, how do you draw? Using Photoshop?

  7. Why she don't want to use frying pan wan ar? ^_^

  8. Hi Rei,
    Thanks for dropping by my site. I agree about Isabelle who is always cheerful and happy most of the time. I am particularly proud that she's very protective over Natalie.

  9. arlo arlo~
    nice meeting u n u gt such a nice blog^^
    hope u will peep at my blog too..take k n God bless..

  10. Oh my! Little Red Devil Hood so it seems :D

  11. @icegirl/schreigeist
    lol. of course! :P

    wait til u see my face...
    and you're gonna puke


    with wacom tablet and the software depends on my mood.
    photoshop or macromedia flash :)

    uh-huh! :)
    hey, how come i can't enter your blog?
    the baboons hate me?

    frying pan not violent enough :D

    @Chee Hung
    you are welcome!
    did i mention that she's quite angelic too? :)

    nice meeting u too~
    thank you so much! :D
    i will ^^

    YA! XD


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