28 March 2009

Fable 3

After crashing the party, the prince(Elvis+Austin Powers) and Cinderella decide to take a break. They went out to the garden. As their eyes lock to each other, the prince makes his first move- the kiss.

'Dong dong dong...' the clock strikes 12.

Cinderella has forgotten that she must rush back to her cottage before midnight. She runs away. The prince calls a bunch of michelin to stop her.

She trips!

WTF? Sleeping Beauty???
I thought she is Cinderella?!
Oh well....


  1. Austin Powers! haha
    This is a nice twist to the original story:)

  2. @zhixian
    thanks! :)

    he shagged me, that's why i have to draw this, haha XD
    thanks, girl~ :D

  3. interesting...
    you sure like to draw alot huh?
    hehe.. keep it up girl!
    you've got talent, that's for sure! =)

  4. @~CaSsAnDrA~

    yeah... it's my only way to stay awake at class, lol.
    thank you so much! :D


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