3 March 2009

Cutie For Dummies

If you're such a sensitive creature, please don't read this post.

Hi, do you wanna be a cutie? Then, you come to the right place!
Here we have Yuki❤ and Angel♫PinkBao to be your tutor.

*Sirei/ Rei being pushed away

Hi everybody~~~ I'm Yuki❤ oh! \(≧3≦)/ I'm gonna teach you how to be a cutie in just a few minutes, ya? So forget about SiRei or whoever she is, ya? I'm cuter than she and I want eyes on me NOW!!! o(≧ω≦)o

•:*´¨`*:•☆ ☆•:*´¨`*:•.1. Style/ Looks•:*´¨`*:•☆ ☆•:*´¨`*:•.
1. If you're wearing glasses, throw them away and go buy yourself colored contact lenses and those pupil enlargement lenses too ah~~ Coz glasses look so ugly! And Sirei look so ugly and nerdy in those thingy. ╮(╯▽╰)╭

2. Ya, I know smoky eyes are a hit these days but wanna be cute a not? Want then don't use those black eye shadow(black pencil liner is ok-ok), use bright colors lor~ PINK is the best!!!(/≧▽≦/) Then, don't forget girls' best friend- ✿MASCARA & FAKE EYELASHES✿~~~ They are very very very important oh! Apply fake eyelashes on the eye first(the more the better), then the mascara ah... PUT MORE MORE!!! (don't care the mascara lumps ah coz the more the better~~~) ●ω●

3. CURLY hair is a must! Big big one ah, ya? (≧▽≦)y

4. Accessories and clothes must be cute cute♡♡♡ oh! Your calculator, handphones and laptops must put a lot of bling bling ah~ Don't forget to choose PINK~~~ *∩_∩*

ⓛⓞⓥⓔ 2. Role Modelsⓛⓞⓥⓔ ✖NO✖
Rainie Yang is not suitable for us- CUTIES anymore lo~ Why? Coz she said she don't want to be cute anymore mah~ She wanna be sexy and mature, so she cannot be our role model anymore, ya? ●0●
Need I say more about Jolin Tsai? Although she has a cute dog named WhooHoo but the problem is she lah! She's old and fugly already, that's why she get herself a pair of big boobs. So no no to she ah, ya? ●︿●

HELLO KITTY! She is so kawaii~~~ (≧ω≦) Hello Kitty must be our 1st role model, and we must adore Kitty as a god.

If you don't know who is Ayumi Hamasaki, then you cannot be a cutie at all! She is the Japan's Pop Queen and she is uber kawaii~~~ = ̄ω ̄=
❤So kawaii means YES!❤

Ya ya ya~~~❉ Hei Se Hui Mei Mei❉ is next! These noisy munchkins don't have any talents at singing or dancing at all, but they have one talent which is ACTING CUTE! And they also know how to put on a very thick make up. So kawaii neh~~~ ●ω●

✿.。.:**.:。✿*゚¨゚3. Ways of Speaking✿.。.:**.:。✿*゚¨゚
Peace~~~(≧▽≦)y I'm Angel♫PinkBao oh! Nicey to meet you all. I will teach you how to speak the cutie way, ya? As you can see, the first you must have is a 'dolly voice', which is so kawaii that everybody is gonna lurve you oh~ ●▽● Then, you have to add 'oh', 'ya', 'ah', '!', '~~~' etc etc at every last sentence ah~

About the emoticons or smileys ah... Instead of using :) , use ●ω●, ya? Coz only boring people use :) , ya? If you got friendster or msn, name yourself long long and cute cute ah, like my name lo~ So unique! And you gotta type like this: ۞۞OnLy cUTie tYpE LikE tHis oH♀~~~ ✖bOriNG ppL tYpE NoRmaL oNLy☆! ANd bE SuRe tO PuT mOrE cuTe SyMBoLs, yA?•´¯`•ஐ๑ .•:*´¨`*:•☆

Last... When you see something you like oh, no need to type so much. Just typey "Kawaii Neh~~~" then ok liao. Coz 'kawaii' is the international language for us- CUTIES!

♠ ♧ ♣ 4. Hobbies ♠ ♧ ♣
✿If you don't know how to use Photoshop, then you MUST always play Purikura! It's the place you can learn how to pose cute cute and let people see how creative and artistic you are oh~✿
Sirei is a dumbass! She thinks Purikura is a waste of money and time oh! That's why she can't become a cutie.

❀Cuties must collect Blythe Dolls no matter how expensive and overrated they are! They are cuter than Barbie. Barbies are only for glamorous people. Glamorous and CUTE are not the same, ya?❀

εїз And if Blythe is not enough for you cuties, then I suggest you play Poupee Girl. This is very fun oh~ So many kawaii girls in there showing off their closet too~ εїз
Sirei plays Poupee just to prove that she's feminine. She sucks! Boo~~~

My voice of expression: I cannot tahan myself being so sarcastic and typing like that... *eyes twitching


  1. Hahaha.. so cute wei.. thanks for the dummies. I gonna become cutie now ! me so cute cute nehh

  2. err... ayumi hamasaki is kawaii but i think i could be as cute as her if i'm with make-up. XD

  3. @Ahmike
    don't be so wadat lah! XD

    omg... i didn't know you were such a narcissistic person! XD

  4. no. that is true. every girl with make up on is pretty. i have seen what make up magic does to my friends.... and i'm beautiful.. hahahahahaahaha. that's a fact. HAHA.

  5. yeah, but some tend to overdo it... like my teacher, she wears too much make up, i think about 2mm thick...

    whenever she smiles, i see crack lines at her face, creepy~ haha XD


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