13 March 2009

Cameron Day 2

Breakfast at Indian Food Stall:

Went to the Strawberry Farm.

Came across a lady and her sons climbing up the hills to harvest the crops. Very geng!
Can't stand those who drive their cars up the slopes. Can't you guys park your cars below there and walk a bit? You're making a huge traffic jam(it's alright if you have senior citizens in your car).

Red and green vegs.

The scarecrows. LOL

Went up there just to try the sweetness:

While walking down, we spotted a stall which they sell fried ice-cream and other food. We decided to try the fried ice-cream but after that our mouth out of control and here comes the gluttony.

Then I recommend the others to try Strawberry Moment.

P/S this is my 3rd time to here, tee hee~ :P

Our lunch- Bak Gut Teh.
I don't think I can fill my stomach after all those pastries.

Dinner at a Nyonya Restaurant

Nice night view on the way back to the apartment


  1. wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.Ho Liao

  2. wahh... so nice... I'm now staying in Moscow.. Just by looking at these pictures ,makes me drool.

  3. @Ahmike

    @C.l.i.c.H.e G.a.L
    Moscow... real cold, right?
    miss the food here? XD


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