10 March 2009

Cameron Day 1

It's good to be back.
Anyone miss me? Nah, I don't think so.

Went to the tea farm, it was quite windy there.

Tea cups at the souvenir shop are so adorable and they have different sizes.

These tea packages are nicely designed, quite classic...

Had steamboat for dinner.

The tomyam soup is spicy and sour enough.

After dinner, went to the pasar malam at Brinchang there.
Very crowded...

Chocolate strawberry- 3 sticks for RM5
(unlike others, they don't frost the chocolate sauce and it's GOODDDDDDD...)

Kuih Apong

Strawberry tart & muffins- 1 for RM2
I tried the tarts, the sauce is a bit too sweet but the crust is soft and nice.
3 stars


  1. Wow... Nice foods.. faster faster more more k..

  2. I want to visit tea farm !! as heavy tea-drinker :-D haha!

  3. @Ahmike
    ok ok
    editing the photos... :)

    haha, not only the tea, but the scones too! :D


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