28 February 2009

Vroom vroom!

Hey hey, just a short update.
(ya ya, I know you're not interested lah)

Just back from driving lessons. The uncle still let me drive back to my mom's office, but today it's a bit quite different from last time. There is a huge traffic jam in the town, and 2 students of his sitting at the back of the car. So that means I have to set a good example for them...


And yes, my mind can't stop wandering around when I'm driving. Tee hee! :)
But I arrived safely at my mom's office.

Ok, today's lessons include parking, reversing, stopping at the downhill before/inside the yellow line, raising your hand, sticking your head out and put your tongue out like a dog, breaking, clutching, counting the bars etc etc. My turning improved... a lot? (that's what he said...)

Have you notice my header pic?
Nice and vintage, huh?
All the credits to CAT, thank you so much~


  1. Oh,you drived on public road?
    I haven`t yet...!

    And I`m not good at reversing!!
    It`s too difficult....:-(

  2. fuyoh can drive eh xD.. very mery bery easy one la... hahaha..

  3. @JapaneseKeane
    haha, don't worry, you will get a chance driving on roads.
    Me too! :(

    fuyoh! sounds like you are a pro oh? XD

  4. The instructor trusted you already. He knows you can do it. That’s why he let you drive the car with passenger.

  5. I'm sure u will enjoy driving once u got the license, but perhaps not during peak hours, keke.

  6. @TOLANIC.con
    yeah, thanks by the way! :)

    i know, right? thanks!

    definitely will!
    hurhur, peak hours makes me nervous...


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