24 February 2009


Issac & Popo
Invited to a buffet lunch by my cousin for celebrating his baby full moon. I ate quite a lot, stomach expanding....
My aunt baked a cake for the baby. It's so delicious!!! The flavour of strawberries and mocca are a great combination. Too bad there's no Rum added to the cake.
After that, we went to buy a Nintendo Wii which comes with 15 games FREE!
Wii is such a freaking good gaming console! The playing style is creative and quite relaxing(depends on what the game is). Trust me, you lazy people and your elders will definitely get addicted to it.

Although PS3 games are fun and exciting(I wanna play Little Big Planet and so much more!!!), but I think I should get a bit more feminine with Wii.... WTF lah!

So far, I've played Wii Sports, Rayman's Raving Rabbids and Elobits. My arms are aching and I feel muscles are growing... AWESOME~


Went for Dasein Trial Class. Instead of taking the damn-slow-and-will-be-packed-at-Sentral KTM, I took the bus to Pasar Seni and Rapid KL to Wangsa Maju. Saved a lot of time.

I had Burger King for lunch at Carrefour because the weather is bloody hot and Burger King is the place where it's cheaper than other air-cond equipped restaurants. Sadly, I should order the burger only. I can't finish a small Vanilla Coke. I took a few big gulps and realised that the Coke still wasn't half finished yet. So, I decided to leave the Coke there and leave. As I kept walking, I kept burping through my nose. Ouch....
Oh, my stomach expand very easily after that bloody Coke. Thank god I had my bag covering my belly.

The lecturer- Mr. Soo is a funny guy who taught us basic design.
Get to know a new buddy who is from Cheras, she's quite shy, I might say.

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