7 February 2009

True Story

Well, yesterday was a fun night at my school's bazaar! I have a lot of fun compare to last time's bazaar. I also had fun helping them painting and decorating sign-boards.

The variety of food improve a lot, I spent and ate a lot.
left: Tissue with a bit of make up :) right: that's chocolate for dipping the fruits

The concerts are more entertaining, I cheered a lot.

The commerce class rules! XD

sorry for the crappy quality

And, the best thing is, MY FRIENDS~
left: kar yee right: han ling & han luuuu~~~
left: S3A, my junior classmates! right: Ah Liang, C3A's form teacher. Everyone loves him!

Oh yeah, I received 2 fluorescence wand+bracelet from my friends. Well, it's kinda like an early Valentines present from them, haha...

Ok, true story about yesterday.

My elder sis needed to fetch us home quite late in the night. When she arrived at a T-junction with her car windows opened, opposite the road, there was an Indian man kept on waving his hands, kinda like asking directions from my sis. My sis shook her head and ignored him.

Suddenly, that man crossed the road and my sis realized something's fishy so she shut her windows. The man came near my sis's car and tried to open the front doors and then the back ones. Thank God, my sis always locked the doors when driving!

So, he failed and there were no cars driving along, my sis quickly drove the car away.

Moral of this story? LOCK YOUR CAR!

I feel guilty about not getting my driving license during last year's holidays... always bothered my parents or my brother or sis to fetch me. Sorry! I swear I get my driving license ASAP!
Now I'm waiting for my L license! Next Monday will be my 1st driving lesson, I hope I don't screw the uncle's car, haha....


  1. luckily your sis locked the door

  2. my mother and sis had that experience before. luckily my mother locked the door the second before the indian guy [also indian guy] pried open the handle. and then he jumped into a van behind my car. scary because he was carrying a helmet as well. don't know what's inside the helmet .... and don't know what happened to the van behind my mother and sis.

  3. @TOLANIC.com
    yeah, u better lock yr car too! :)

    wow.. thanks for sharing yr experience. :)
    yrs is scarier than mine, that helmet is used to hit someone. god bless u~

  4. maybe not hit. maybe there's a knife in the helmet. it was raining heavily at that time. nobody could even see him approaching cars.

    pls come back and visit my blog too!

  5. Hi Sirei. It's wise to make it a habit of locking the car once inside. There have been instances in KL of someone jumping into a car at a red light.

    Hope you got the chance to see the repeat of the Grammys.

    Thanks for visiting.

  6. @renaye
    thanks thanks thanks! :D

    whoa? omg... like that also can?
    what's happening to the society... ish ish :(

    yeah, sure no problem!

  7. Oh...I`ll watch out:-D.
    And,I`ve been going to driving school now :-)
    It`s easy than I thought!

  8. @JapaneseKeane
    haha, and your driving instructor is quite funny!


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