27 February 2009

Thank God It's Friday!

Yeah, I bet you know where I dine today after reading that title and of course, the picture.

I went down to KL with my parents to visit PJCAD and The One Academy. Since I'm attending classes now, I don't wanna make my decision that fast. Ri
ght now, I just wanna try what college life is like and pay attention at class.

Ok, back to the dining. I had lunch at T.G.I.F. at Sunway Pyramid. The price is well... quite expensive but the food is stomach-filling and effin yummy! Stomach expanding, buuuuu.... (that's sound effect)

By the way, I love the workers attitude. They're so polite and friendly!
Unlike other places workers, give you the gloomy face when they're unhappy, standing there like a wood/hide when they don't feel like working. And yet, they still complain how
they hate their jobs while they are working in a good environment(air-cond, well-paid etc etc...).

Checking out the menu.. 3 course meal for RM39.90, with appetizer, main course & dessert... NICEEE~~
Dad & mom ordered each set for themselves while I ordered a New York Strip. Medium rare, Cajun cream sauce all over it and with some garlic buttered broccoli.

The appetizers:

Fried Mac & Cheese
(it's macaroni and cheese inside!)

Buffalo Wings
(go with the sour cream!)

Main Course:
Blackened chicken alferdo
(hmmm~~~ creamyyyy~~~)

Sizzling chicken and cheese
(the chicken is a bit too dry)

Chocolate Malt Cake
(i feel like a devil after eating this)

Cookies & Cream
(the cookie taste like Famous Amos, yum!)

I'm so stuffed that I'm gonna skip dinner. Burp!

Before going home, we bought 2 boxes of J.CO Donuts.
My phone's battery is dead when I wanna take a pic of the 2nd box.
Call me Homer Simpson.


  1. hi homer!!!wakaka

    homer - 'hmmmmm...doughnut'...


  2. @Da Devil
    hi March!
    kekekeke~~~ XD

    use your imagination~

  3. TGI Friday...
    Expensive wei!!!


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