16 February 2009

Rant and Barf

Fuck it! It's been almost 3 weeks now and my L license haven't come out yet. I called uncle a lot, and he kept on responding me "Your L not out yet lar!" or "Don't worry, you will get your L before March la!" etc etc...

Yes, I'm bloody furious now. Who can I blame? Me? Uncle? Or those who are processing my L license?

Can't they stop slacking a bit and stop blaming the computers? Always giving me the same crappy shit- technical problems, technical problems.

.... (calming down)

Don't feel like writing these days, feel more like reading these days.
Got myself 2 decent books to read- A spot of bother by Mark Haddon and When You Are Engulfed in Flames by David Sedaris.
I love gayness in my books. :)

My cousin-in-law's baby is gonna be 1-month-old this week, and I've been hearing "breastfeed" and "boobs" a lot from my mom and popo.

I'm happy with my boobs size. In fact, the smaller, the better b'cause I dislike wearing bra.
Who needs a guy anyway?

Gonna go for a cervical and breast checkup later.

I feel ugly. I hate my face. All I want is an acne-free face. Why can't my blemishes and scars go away?
Everybody always saying "the less face products on your face, the better" while they tend to own massive piles of shit. Bullocks...

Girls nowadays... have the same looks. Can't even tell the bloody difference at all.

The weather is getting hot, I'm still on a bet to grow my hair long. Feel like owning a bob right now.
NO! Hang on there, Rei!

25 cents in my Nuffnag account... Just fucking great.
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  1. i have told my guy friends off to stop looking at my boobs and stop asking me if i want lingerie whenever we pass those counters.

    don't feel ugly. don't decrease ur confidence level when it's already reduced!! accepting one beauty takes up some soul searching. but in the end u would definitely accept ur beauty and feel comfortable.

  2. ha, your guy friends are jerks, so are mine. but i don't mind them teasing me at all, haha!

    thank you for your advice, i feel better. :)


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