21 February 2009

No? Yes?

Hey hey, after reading this post, please don't blame me if your bf keeps on saying this to you.

Waitress: Hello! Welcome to X restaurant. May I take your order?
Boy: Prawn noodles
Waitress: Ok.
Girl: Give me 2 glasses of water and a plate of fried rice.
Waitress: Ok.

Girl: Excuse Me! I don't want any prawns at my fried rice, can?
Waitress: Sure.

Waitress thinks: Weirdo! Fried rice without prawns ain't delicious!

Waitress: Here's your prawn noodles~ And here's your fried rice~

Boy: ...

Boy: Nah!
Girl: No! I don't want the prawn! Why are you giving it to me!?

Boy: Isn't "don't want" means "want" in girl's world?
Girl: WTF!?

Yeah, I sucked at translating and I don't know why the picture came out quite crappy this time. Ish ish...

Got this idea after some guy sent me a hentai video(fucking pervert!). Don't understand why girls in porn keep on moaning "No no no" when they actually want it. Yeah, I know they wanna make the guys go all high, but I mean, isn't there other ideas make them high?

Ok, for the answer on 'Si Fatt Han' post
Yes, I made my eyes suffer short-sightedness purposely just to wear glasses. But I wear contact lens just for special occasions or I feel like it... (also si fatt han lah..)


  1. =) Hello!
    I was here too.
    haha. are these pics drawn by you??
    oh myyy... they're awesome! =)

  2. Funny story:-D!
    I`d like to believe "no is no"....LoL

  3. hahaha. there r some people out there who think too much.

  4. cuteeee......cartoon...;-) sure u can link my blog...np! u misunderstood the meaning d...the av model said....no no no...dont stop la ....lol!

  5. @OnlyDa
    oh my~ thanks~ ^^

    good boy! haha XD

    wait! are you saying me? haha, just joking! ^^

    thank you so much!
    ahahaha, this proved that you watch porn!
    just teasing you~ nyak nyak... :D


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