28 February 2009

Vroom vroom!

Hey hey, just a short update.
(ya ya, I know you're not interested lah)

Just back from driving lessons. The uncle still let me drive back to my mom's office, but today it's a bit quite different from last time. There is a huge traffic jam in the town, and 2 students of his sitting at the back of the car. So that means I have to set a good example for them...


And yes, my mind can't stop wandering around when I'm driving. Tee hee! :)
But I arrived safely at my mom's office.

Ok, today's lessons include parking, reversing, stopping at the downhill before/inside the yellow line, raising your hand, sticking your head out and put your tongue out like a dog, breaking, clutching, counting the bars etc etc. My turning improved... a lot? (that's what he said...)

Have you notice my header pic?
Nice and vintage, huh?
All the credits to CAT, thank you so much~

27 February 2009

Thank God It's Friday!

Yeah, I bet you know where I dine today after reading that title and of course, the picture.

I went down to KL with my parents to visit PJCAD and The One Academy. Since I'm attending classes now, I don't wanna make my decision that fast. Ri
ght now, I just wanna try what college life is like and pay attention at class.

Ok, back to the dining. I had lunch at T.G.I.F. at Sunway Pyramid. The price is well... quite expensive but the food is stomach-filling and effin yummy! Stomach expanding, buuuuu.... (that's sound effect)

By the way, I love the workers attitude. They're so polite and friendly!
Unlike other places workers, give you the gloomy face when they're unhappy, standing there like a wood/hide when they don't feel like working. And yet, they still complain how
they hate their jobs while they are working in a good environment(air-cond, well-paid etc etc...).

Checking out the menu.. 3 course meal for RM39.90, with appetizer, main course & dessert... NICEEE~~
Dad & mom ordered each set for themselves while I ordered a New York Strip. Medium rare, Cajun cream sauce all over it and with some garlic buttered broccoli.

The appetizers:
Fried Mac & Cheese
(it's macaroni and cheese inside!)

Buffalo Wings
(go with the sour cream!)

Main Course:
Blackened chicken alferdo
(hmmm~~~ creamyyyy~~~)

Sizzling chicken and cheese
(the chicken is a bit too dry)

Chocolate Malt Cake
(i feel like a devil after eating this)

Cookies & Cream
(the cookie taste like Famous Amos, yum!)

I'm so stuffed that I'm gonna skip dinner. Burp!

Before going home, we bought 2 boxes of J.CO Donuts.
My phone's battery is dead when I wanna take a pic of the 2nd box.
Call me Homer Simpson.


24 February 2009


Issac & Popo
Invited to a buffet lunch by my cousin for celebrating his baby full moon. I ate quite a lot, stomach expanding....
My aunt baked a cake for the baby. It's so delicious!!! The flavour of strawberries and mocca are a great combination. Too bad there's no Rum added to the cake.
After that, we went to buy a Nintendo Wii which comes with 15 games FREE!
Wii is such a freaking good gaming console! The playing style is creative and quite relaxing(depends on what the game is). Trust me, you lazy people and your elders will definitely get addicted to it.

Although PS3 games are fun and exciting(I wanna play Little Big Planet and so much more!!!), but I think I should get a bit more feminine with Wii.... WTF lah!

So far, I've played Wii Sports, Rayman's Raving Rabbids and Elobits. My arms are aching and I feel muscles are growing... AWESOME~


Went for Dasein Trial Class. Instead of taking the damn-slow-and-will-be-packed-at-Sentral KTM, I took the bus to Pasar Seni and Rapid KL to Wangsa Maju. Saved a lot of time.

I had Burger King for lunch at Carrefour because the weather is bloody hot and Burger King is the place where it's cheaper than other air-cond equipped restaurants. Sadly, I should order the burger only. I can't finish a small Vanilla Coke. I took a few big gulps and realised that the Coke still wasn't half finished yet. So, I decided to leave the Coke there and leave. As I kept walking, I kept burping through my nose. Ouch....
Oh, my stomach expand very easily after that bloody Coke. Thank god I had my bag covering my belly.

The lecturer- Mr. Soo is a funny guy who taught us basic design.
Get to know a new buddy who is from Cheras, she's quite shy, I might say.

21 February 2009

No? Yes?

Hey hey, after reading this post, please don't blame me if your bf keeps on saying this to you.

Waitress: Hello! Welcome to X restaurant. May I take your order?
Boy: Prawn noodles
Waitress: Ok.
Girl: Give me 2 glasses of water and a plate of fried rice.
Waitress: Ok.

Girl: Excuse Me! I don't want any prawns at my fried rice, can?
Waitress: Sure.

Waitress thinks: Weirdo! Fried rice without prawns ain't delicious!

Waitress: Here's your prawn noodles~ And here's your fried rice~

Boy: ...

Boy: Nah!
Girl: No! I don't want the prawn! Why are you giving it to me!?

Boy: Isn't "don't want" means "want" in girl's world?
Girl: WTF!?

Yeah, I sucked at translating and I don't know why the picture came out quite crappy this time. Ish ish...

Got this idea after some guy sent me a hentai video(fucking pervert!). Don't understand why girls in porn keep on moaning "No no no" when they actually want it. Yeah, I know they wanna make the guys go all high, but I mean, isn't there other ideas make them high?

Ok, for the answer on 'Si Fatt Han' post
Yes, I made my eyes suffer short-sightedness purposely just to wear glasses. But I wear contact lens just for special occasions or I feel like it... (also si fatt han lah..)

19 February 2009

Si Fatt Han

If you are easily offended, please do not read this post.

You have a long silky hair, but you end up cutting your hair into a bob. Then, you regret owning a bob, so you spend RM100++ on a long wig.
Si Fatt Han lah you!

Yeahhhh, straightened hair is still the fashionable hairstyle and you go get one too. But later, you hair turns into shit. Why? B'cause you don't know a hair treatment would cost you a lot of money. You deplore your idiocy and swear not to do that anymore, but still you go straighten your hair again.
Si Fatt Han lah you!

You always wanted a girlfriend and you got one! However, after a few weeks only, you declare that the relationship is over and you dump her.
Si Fatt Han lah you!

You made your eyes suffer short-sightedness on purpose so that you could wear the trendiest horn-rimmed glasses. In the end, you discover that glasses are bothersome and ugly. So, you either wear (colored)contact lenses or sign up for Laser Eye Surgery.
Si Fatt Han lah you!

Ooh~ Chanel bikini 50% discount! You be the first person queueing in the line at the retail store. As you make your way through the 'mosh pit', you almost smother yourself in the clothes rack, just to get that bikini. Ok, you win! Anyhow... you never wear that bikini and it's inside your wardrobe for ages because you don't wanna make a mess of it.
Si Fatt Han lah you!

Question: Which of the facts up there is mine?
*Answer will be revealed at next post.

P/S Thanks to Swimming With Dolphins- Everything's A Miracle for keeping me drawing. :)


16 February 2009


Hey, guess what?

The uncle called, and I'm gonna start learning to drive tomorrow! Whoopee~

Plus, 50 cents in my Nuffnag. Whoopee~~
Thanks a bunch to those who clicked the ads.

See? Ranting isn't a bad thing after all.
I feel rejoiced!

P/S i feel like giving free kiss to the world~

Rant and Barf

Fuck it! It's been almost 3 weeks now and my L license haven't come out yet. I called uncle a lot, and he kept on responding me "Your L not out yet lar!" or "Don't worry, you will get your L before March la!" etc etc...

Yes, I'm bloody furious now. Who can I blame? Me? Uncle? Or those who are processing my L license?

Can't they stop slacking a bit and stop blaming the computers? Always giving me the same crappy shit- technical problems, technical problems.

.... (calming down)

Don't feel like writing these days, feel more like reading these days.
Got myself 2 decent books to read- A spot of bother by Mark Haddon and When You Are Engulfed in Flames by David Sedaris.
I love gayness in my books. :)

My cousin-in-law's baby is gonna be 1-month-old this week, and I've been hearing "breastfeed" and "boobs" a lot from my mom and popo.

I'm happy with my boobs size. In fact, the smaller, the better b'cause I dislike wearing bra.
Who needs a guy anyway?

Gonna go for a cervical and breast checkup later.

I feel ugly. I hate my face. All I want is an acne-free face. Why can't my blemishes and scars go away?
Everybody always saying "the less face products on your face, the better" while they tend to own massive piles of shit. Bullocks...

Girls nowadays... have the same looks. Can't even tell the bloody difference at all.

The weather is getting hot, I'm still on a bet to grow my hair long. Feel like owning a bob right now.
NO! Hang on there, Rei!

25 cents in my Nuffnag account... Just fucking great.
Blog viewed by Japan, US, Spain, Malaysia, France, Australia.... Gracias mucho!

14 February 2009



1. 情人节快乐!

2. 找到不少好歌听。苏格兰摇滚乐队-Primal Scream,另一个是香港的农夫

7 February 2009

True Story

Well, yesterday was a fun night at my school's bazaar! I have a lot of fun compare to last time's bazaar. I also had fun helping them painting and decorating sign-boards.

The variety of food improve a lot, I spent and ate a lot.
left: Tissue with a bit of make up :) right: that's chocolate for dipping the fruits

The concerts are more entertaining, I cheered a lot.

The commerce class rules! XD

sorry for the crappy quality

And, the best thing is, MY FRIENDS~
left: kar yee right: han ling & han luuuu~~~
left: S3A, my junior classmates! right: Ah Liang, C3A's form teacher. Everyone loves him!

Oh yeah, I received 2 fluorescence wand+bracelet from my friends. Well, it's kinda like an early Valentines present from them, haha...

Ok, true story about yesterday.

My elder sis needed to fetch us home quite late in the night. When she arrived at a T-junction with her car windows opened, opposite the road, there was an Indian man kept on waving his hands, kinda like asking directions from my sis. My sis shook her head and ignored him.

Suddenly, that man crossed the road and my sis realized something's fishy so she shut her windows. The man came near my sis's car and tried to open the front doors and then the back ones. Thank God, my sis always locked the doors when driving!

So, he failed and there were no cars driving along, my sis quickly drove the car away.

Moral of this story? LOCK YOUR CAR!

I feel guilty about not getting my driving license during last year's holidays... always bothered my parents or my brother or sis to fetch me. Sorry! I swear I get my driving license ASAP!
Now I'm waiting for my L license! Next Monday will be my 1st driving lesson, I hope I don't screw the uncle's car, haha....


4 February 2009

4 Days>>> Valentine's Day

1. I did a lot of doodles with my tablet! :)

2. Waiting for Dasein's trial class to start at 23/2. Who's c
oming too? I'm alone and need some company. :)

3. Valentine's Day= Ah Kau's birthday. No time for shopping to get her b'day present, so I drew her this and gonna upload to her Friendster. Hope you like it, Ah Kau~ :

4. V'Day's here! Bored of spending money on gifts? Try send this to your dar dar or sweetie.


Please and Thank You.
Please and Thank You. Please and Thank You. Please and Thank You. Please and Thank You. Please and Thank You. Please and Thank You.Please and Thank You.Please and Thank You.Please and Thank You.Please and Thank You.Please and Thank You.Please and Thank You.Please and Thank You.Please and Thank You.Please and Thank You.Please and Thank You.Please and Thank You.Please and Thank You.Please and Thank You.Please and Thank You.Please and Thank You.Please and Thank You.Please and Thank You.