17 January 2009

Tick Tock

First of all, i passed my undang(law) test! But, IT TOOK ME FUCKING 6 HOURS TO WAIT THERE AND DOING NOTHING AT ALL!!! Can you believe it!? FUCKING DAMN 6 HOURS!!! We, everyone there, started to wait at 8:30am for the test. And suddenly, there was some kind of technical problem and all of us have to wait for the repairman(who arrived at 2:50pm). Plus, the air conditioner was out of order and there were no windows or fans which caused the room quite steamy and some of us were sweating like pigs.

Some of them who can't take it anymore, leaved. But luckily, I stayed till the end! When the 'technical problem' was solved, those suckers were back for the test.

Moral of this 'story'- Next time bring along your headphones, Nintendo DS and PSP.

Meanwhile, I was very pissed off that I can't go to KL and didn't have the time to return to school to apply for school dropout, and for no reason, my mom was mad at me... Why?! It wasn't my fault at all, DAMN!

Sigh... Return my precious time, please. Tick Tock~


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