29 January 2009

Q is for Queer

I hate that I can't go to swimming when I'm having my period. And some boys will ask what's wrong with you when your face is very pale b'cause of the pain you have to bare at the first day.

I usually just go straight forward with the queer ones(not the girly-looking ones) by answering, "Diu! Lei yeh ar! (fuck! period!)" and to those who consider themselves as 'macho', I hate answering them. Why? I'll show you a conversation that just happened a several times ago:

(R=me, B=boys)
B: What's wrong?
R: Erm... You know... That thing lar... The 'girl thing' ar...
B: What oh?
R: Haiya! Period lar!
B: Ewww~ *quickly back off a few steps

WHAT THE FUCK? "Ewww~"?!
What's the fuck is wrong with you guys? Why are you acting so GAY!? It's not like the blood will squirt all over your face or the pad is going to diffuse any chemical gas that gonna make your 'pretty face' rottens like zombies.

Furthermore, queer boys are more intimate than machos. They bring chocolates or anything that can warm your body. Seriously, they act like they're your mother, sister, besties and dardar(4 in1), which I love it~

By the way, they have more knowledge in cosmetics and skin-care products than the girls in my class, which is a big benefit to suckers(me!) who have no idea what outer beauty is.

Plus, I love how they bitch about other bitches.

Moral of this 'story': Befriend with a queer guy


  1. i feel for you! is the menstruation cycle such a queer phenomenon that deserves lifted eyebrows and childish remarks.? PLUS, if it weren't for this so called 'queer' phenomenon, boys wouldn't be here in the first place. thats why people shouldn't insult women because if it weren't for bleeding women they wouldn't be here! HALLELUJAH for the menstruation cycle!

    *takes out wine glass

  3. i think queer friends are just excellent !!


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