25 January 2009

Packed Trains

Right, hello there!
Chinese New Year is here, so how's everyone doing? Be sure to have the reunion dinner with your family, relatives and your love ones. And DON'T go to the bank in the night!

Well, the day before yesterday I went to Sungei Wang and Times Square to do some shopping with Cherry and her brother and her brother's friend. I woke up quite early that day, about 6am, I think... to reclaim my SPM trial result from school b'cause I threw it away while cleaning up my study room. I was a dumbass for wearing kitten heels! I can't even walk properly in those heels! I had to borrow Cherry's flats to walk all day at KL.

First, we arrived at Sg. Wang and OH GOD! IT WAS A WASTE OF TIME AND I WISH I DIDN'T GO THERE!!! The clothes there are too la l
a and the shops there sell the same items(I thought I was having deja vu). By the way, I can't find any good tees at there so we went to Times Square.

I love Times Square~ The upper level you go, the cheaper stuffs you can find. Unfortunately, we wasted too much time on Sg. Wang so we did our shopping in a rush. Hey, at least I bought 2 tees!

We went back by train and I love packed train! I love how the people squeeze each other just to get in the train. And the funny thing is Cherry brother's friend is a skinny guy, he was stucked with the crowds and being pushed away by them. That's why he was seperated from us when we got into the train and he had to take the next train. Poor guy!

As I was saying, I love packed trains. I see different kinds of body contact and body language inside the train. Not to mention that the body odour was kinda great! Beside me was an African student going back to Nilai and behind him- a VERY talkative
ah pek. In front of me was a Malay lady who kept hitting my boobs when the train stops/breaks.

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