14 January 2009

Life's a box of chocolates...Eat 'em all!

Shit, my Wacom tablet is DEAD! The zoom button won't work and the arrow in my monitor shakes a lot whenever the stylus touches the tablet! Therefore, I had to download my good ol' pal- Macromedia Flash MX to draw with the mouse. Hands can't stop shaking! Keep on working!

Do you remember a movie called Forest Gump? Well, there's a ton of memorable quotes in that movie, especially this one: My momma always said, "Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get.".
Yeah, I suddenly kinda felt like eating a box of Cadbury Milk Tray Chocolate this afternoon... and I really did it. (Now my stomach is aching...)

I tried not to read the introduction on the chocolate fillings and just ate whatever i picked or chose. Doing this it's quite fun and "adventurous" as you do not know what kind of filli
ng you're gonna get! I hate the cherry flavored one, blakkkkk!!!

I don't know why but I feel like dying my hair CRIMSON RED...
Well, Chinese New Year is coming and I don't wanna spend my savings on new clothes. So, I'm going to borrow some clothes from my sister or my mom(Vintage style!).By the way, I'm hoping to get more angpows this year and control my gluttony! Or else I have to drag my fucking lazy, overweight body to the bloody gym.

Why oh why do we have to learn how to drive a manual car?! Can't we just choose to learn how to drive an auto car!? Anyway, I gotta get my driving license FAST! Before March, maybe...


  1. come on ~ im driving manual car leh ~

  2. but auto car easier to drive :D
    manual need to pijak pijak the clutch, haha

  3. pijak pijak only 'pro' ma, sport cars like that one ma :P if drive auto ah, left leg like 废掉 liao, nothing to do, just putting there for display (-.-)

  4. kakakaka~
    really so pro!?( ⊙ o ⊙ )

    can become F1 driver tak? >▽<


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