31 January 2009


Once upon a time, Rei find herself in a beige-colored background. And suddenly, a light blue bunny appears and greets "Hello!" to her.

The bunny also asks Rei whether she wants some tea time with him.

Rei replies him with a "Yes".

The bunny takes her to Food Wonderland and he offers Rei to eat all she can. Food Wonderland is a place for you to wish the food you wanna eat. You wish the food, the food appears, and you eat it. Get it, asshole?

Anyways... Rei wishes loads of food and then gobbles up them voraciously.

After chunks of food, she feels giddy. The bunny asks her if she's alright but she doesn't respond because she is really really really woozy.

At last, She PUKES!


Okay... These nights I can't sleep at all. 2 reasons for that:
1. Itchiness (I got a vaccination today!)
2. Nausea (I woke up at about 3 am and almost puked at my bed)

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Thank you for commenting, now I shall grant you 3 wishes. XD