31 January 2009


Once upon a time, Rei find herself in a beige-colored background. And suddenly, a light blue bunny appears and greets "Hello!" to her.

The bunny also asks Rei whether she wants some tea time with him.

Rei replies him with a "Yes".

The bunny takes her to Food Wonderland and he offers Rei to eat all she can. Food Wonderland is a place for you to wish the food you wanna eat. You wish the food, the food appears, and you eat it. Get it, asshole?

Anyways... Rei wishes loads of food and then gobbles up them voraciously.

After chunks of food, she feels giddy. The bunny asks her if she's alright but she doesn't respond because she is really really really woozy.

At last, She PUKES!


Okay... These nights I can't sleep at all. 2 reasons for that:
1. Itchiness (I got a vaccination today!)
2. Nausea (I woke up at about 3 am and almost puked at my bed)


30 January 2009

Sheep VS Cow

I'm a sheep. Baa~~~ And this year is a omninous year for me. Feel free to check your feng shui and don't do anything stupid, stay out of trouble!

Sheep people had a better luck than most of people in 2008(Rat's year). All career, money, love and health had good news to them last year. However, the year of Cow will be different. This is because Cow and Sheep have fighting relationship, which could bring things turbulent. Sheep people need to pay attention at work, at home or traveling to avoid argument, lawsuit, blooding, accident or money loss. In general, they have to spend lots of effort to overcome many hardship in 2009.

Career: Since the fighting relationship between Sheep and Cow, Sheep people shouldn't have great career performance in 2009. Unlucky Stars coming to career area in year of 2009. This is very unfavorable to your job position. Your job duty will be heavier. The difficulty level of the task will be higher. The schedule of the project will be tighter. Unexpected obstacles will come to you. The progress of the plan will be slowing down. You will be losing trust from your boss. Also, you will involve the issue on company personnel coordination. Then, you cannot concentrate on your daily business. Therefore, you don't have the chance and time to show off your job ability. If the company has financial trouble, then you have to find a way to save your position.

Money: Career is always the major factor to determine the money luck. If your career luck is poor, then you shouldn't expect any extra income from your job. There is a Broken Star in the money area. That means it's hard to accumulate the wealth in this year. You might lose money since gambling, wrong business deal, risky investment or accident. Whatever you earn, you will spend it at the end and you won't have any extra savings. Therefore, you need to think about balancing the budget before spending money in 2009.(that's fucking 'great!')

I don't give a damn on my love status so I erased the passage about Love.

Health: The fighting relationship between Sheep and Cow always brings something to trouble people. Too much worry could bring people illness(I have to stop worrying my mom's major sore throat?). If you are senior, then you have to watch for your health this year. Whenever feeling uncomfortable, you need to visit the doctor and don't let a tiny illness become a serious disease. If you are a young Sheep people, you need to make sure you have good sleeping quality. No enough sleep at night lets you lose energy during daytime, impact your working efficiency and then affect your health and your job.(Why is this so true about me right now? My whole body is covered with red rashes due to the itchiness, and I can't even get a good night sleep!)

Fortune: Because your career luck and money luck are unstable in 2009. You have better to keep your profile low. You need to bear the challenge and endure the trouble, stick on your position and must avoid changing your job. If possible, you also have better not to travel to long distance, not to attend funeral, not to visit the sick people, not do home improvement or redecoration(WHAT? WHAT? WHAT? WHAT?). Your health should be fair. If you have a long term disease, as long as you pay attention on it, you can keep the same health. In general, Sheep people must not show off themselves and don't try to be a hero in 2009. They should only focus on their job responsibilities, then they will have a safe and peaceful year of Cow.

Now let me bury my head in the pillow and cry.

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29 January 2009

Q is for Queer

I hate that I can't go to swimming when I'm having my period. And some boys will ask what's wrong with you when your face is very pale b'cause of the pain you have to bare at the first day.

I usually just go straight forward with the queer ones(not the girly-looking ones) by answering, "Diu! Lei yeh ar! (fuck! period!)" and to those who consider themselves as 'macho', I hate answering them. Why? I'll show you a conversation that just happened a several times ago:

(R=me, B=boys)
B: What's wrong?
R: Erm... You know... That thing lar... The 'girl thing' ar...
B: What oh?
R: Haiya! Period lar!
B: Ewww~ *quickly back off a few steps

WHAT THE FUCK? "Ewww~"?!
What's the fuck is wrong with you guys? Why are you acting so GAY!? It's not like the blood will squirt all over your face or the pad is going to diffuse any chemical gas that gonna make your 'pretty face' rottens like zombies.

Furthermore, queer boys are more intimate than machos. They bring chocolates or anything that can warm your body. Seriously, they act like they're your mother, sister, besties and dardar(4 in1), which I love it~

By the way, they have more knowledge in cosmetics and skin-care products than the girls in my class, which is a big benefit to suckers(me!) who have no idea what outer beauty is.

Plus, I love how they bitch about other bitches.

Moral of this 'story': Befriend with a queer guy

28 January 2009


'It's a picture that says 1000 words'

Yes guys, I'm in love with photography and vintage so much. I wanna get a polaroid camera. Dad just told me that he had one, and never used before(why did you buy it then?), but he don't know where he had stuffed it so I have to dig out all of his vintage stuffs.
Oh yeah, and he warned me about polaroid pictures fade quickly. But seriously, who cares? That's art too.

Hopefully, I can find it. Cross fingers for me, would you?

27 January 2009


Gong Xi Fatt Cai!

Hi! I woke up late this morning b'cause me and my cousins have been playing firecrackers the whole night. IT WAS DAMN AMAZING!

Thanks to my uncle and his lovely wife for supplying us so much firecrackers! You guys rock, love y'all!

Why so serious? Forget about the strict rules of cannot play firecrackers! Just go out to the garden, light the firecrackers and go wild! We are suppose to have fun while we are still living. So let's put a smile on that face~ Tee hee!

*this is a burning coconut

26 January 2009

Update: Guinness

Guess what? I got a new puppy!

Fatty: WHAT!?

Everyone! Here's Guinness, the puppy~

Here's a not so funny joke from my friend:
Ha? You got a new black puppy? Why not a cow? This year is cow's year mah, you should get one cow back to your house. Maybe good luck will come to you leh.

LOL, my friend


25 January 2009

Packed Trains

Right, hello there!
Chinese New Year is here, so how's everyone doing? Be sure to have the reunion dinner with your family, relatives and your love ones. And DON'T go to the bank in the night!

Well, the day before yesterday I went to Sungei Wang and Times Square to do some shopping with Cherry and her brother and her brother's friend. I woke up quite early that day, about 6am, I think... to reclaim my SPM trial result from school b'cause I threw it away while cleaning up my study room. I was a dumbass for wearing kitten heels! I can't even walk properly in those heels! I had to borrow Cherry's flats to walk all day at KL.

First, we arrived at Sg. Wang and OH GOD! IT WAS A WASTE OF TIME AND I WISH I DIDN'T GO THERE!!! The clothes there are too la l
a and the shops there sell the same items(I thought I was having deja vu). By the way, I can't find any good tees at there so we went to Times Square.

I love Times Square~ The upper level you go, the cheaper stuffs you can find. Unfortunately, we wasted too much time on Sg. Wang so we did our shopping in a rush. Hey, at least I bought 2 tees!

We went back by train and I love packed train! I love how the people squeeze each other just to get in the train. And the funny thing is Cherry brother's friend is a skinny guy, he was stucked with the crowds and being pushed away by them. That's why he was seperated from us when we got into the train and he had to take the next train. Poor guy!

As I was saying, I love packed trains. I see different kinds of body contact and body language inside the train. Not to mention that the body odour was kinda great! Beside me was an African student going back to Nilai and behind him- a VERY talkative
ah pek. In front of me was a Malay lady who kept hitting my boobs when the train stops/breaks.


24 January 2009


Well, I heard drinking 1 gallon of orange juice can help to beat the flu. So, instead of orange juice, I eat 3 oranges every morning.

The result? GOOD! Not only my flu was gone, even my constipation was over! I poop more than I ever do.
This is kinda hitting 2 birds with one stone, haha!(Sorry to those who thinks this is kinda disgusting)


21 January 2009


Sore throat, high fever, coughing.... These are the illness we usually get after Chinese New Year. Unfortunately, me and my mom are already sick before Chinese New Year . I get a runny nose and the flu, my nose is as red as Bozo the Clown's nose. My mom? Major sore throat due to too much 油炸鬼(Deep-Fried Devils).

And now here's
a friendly message:

End of message.

Yeah! Tomorrow is Thursday and I love Thursday which means I can go to the pasar malam at Taman Blossom, yeah! I'm gonna buy some popiah and maybe some flats. Plus, I got angpow from dad and 3/4 of the money went straight into my savings account and the rest gonna spend it on clothes(Sis's clothes are too sophisticated, mom's are a bit too old-fashioned).


20 January 2009

My Friends With Lotsa Love <3









This is not the end of me, this is the new beginning of me


18 January 2009

Everyone Loves Photography

My brother bought a Sony DSLR-A300, and I had been playing it all day.
Photopgrphy is such an addicting hobby!

Here are some shots by moi':
pictures are resized